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NCIS Michael Weatherly Sean Murray Mark Harmon Pauley Perrette Cote De Pablo signature shirt

Susan Rosenquest , do you even read your comments? They don’t make any sense, maybe learn how to articulate and form full and complete sentences for starters. I couldn’t even make out half of your last comment. This is adult conversation, so run along now. Take a look at her wall, folks. She shut it down so you couldn't see that she IS a far left lunatic fringe progressive liberal. You can talk all you want, Susie, but you are transparent as hell. and if you actually BELIEVE you are NOT a liberal, then you suffer from a mental imbalance as well. Democrats want to fight over this? It"s a fight they will lose. 2020 will be the NCIS Michael Weatherly Sean Murray Mark Harmon Pauley Perrette Cote De Pablo signature shirt we all show them how much we didn't appreciate how they treated our President. NO...did you NOT read the articles with Rand Paul about government wasted spending? THAT is what is adding trillions to the debt...along with taking care of illegals and the perks of congress on We the People's dime...each and every time. So I had the chance to talk to a Border Patrol/Custom Agent this past week. I asked him if a real wall is needed for the Southern Border. His reply was as follows. "Yes, we need a wall. We have been trying to get one since the 70s. There is so many places where it will help. F Democrats do not care about us. The banks have been stopping it ." I asked is that because of the around $30 Billion being transferred back to Mexico? He said, "Yes and other Countries, the banks are making money on all the fees they are charging for that as well as getting the drug money slowing into the banks and put on gift cards/wire transfers and so on. He had a lot to say and said it is a lot more scary of what is going on there then people think.

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New England Patriots fueled by haters shirt

simply 'keeping one's word' on promises that are incompetently-conceived, ignorantly devised and slavishly adhered-to no matter how damaging, is hardly a noble or moral thing. He may not be as tactful as others in the New England Patriots fueled by haters shirt he comes out and says things that people may or may not like but what you’re seeing is true emotions and not someone reading off of a written speech or looking like a zombie trying to be politically correct. Jane E Clark sure he has the right however unfortunately he also has many even more mindless zombies that listen to him than the average one man's opinion which makes his ridiculous opinions worth more than the average one man's opinion.....his platform allows for that.....I'm just a moron but he wouldn't dare ever put me sitting next to himself on his platform give this one man to rebuke the puke he regurgitates in front of an audience that goes for all of Hollywood...I submit a challenge to any pampered Hollywood wanna b politician to open that door let's see how they do when what they say is two ways on the spot. Chris Andersen Obviously you don't. Nothing Carey says is correct. It's the sickness that is Hollywood, let alone Jerry Brown and California. I wish we could wall them off. Sandy Jones Finkbeiner. Jim Carrey doesn't fit your mindless narrative. I'm sure if it were James Woods, Clint Eastwood, or Tim Allen, you'd be on here stroking their rods. Dummy.

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Who dat chick I’m dat chick shirt

David P MacCearain last item never said. He hired the best people just because you don’t like them doesn’t make them not. More tax revenue has come since the Who dat chick I’m dat chick shirt cut. Many things take more than a year to accomplish. In Reagan’s two terms what he promised didn’t occur till during his second term. And yes somethings are just something one man can’t accomplish alone, fighting the deep state and the establishment elites in Congress is difficult and nothing is going to get accomplished with an obstructionist House the next two years. Jane E Clark ty...who in their right mind would place an angry emoji on your comment simply because you like the results thus far and stating you will vote trump in 2020. Jane E Clark wow I’m really impressed that some people who didn’t like President Trump can see how much he truly is trying to make our Country the Greatest once again. Just wish everything he tries to do, they are against him. Happy to hear how sensible and honest you are. Jane E Clark correction: used to be a funny comedian. Hasn’t made a good movie in many many years. His Trump bashing is the only way he can stay in the spotlight now. Joseph Bower I didn’t see any of that on Jane Clark’s timeline. What is wrong with being pro Israel unless you are an anti Semite? You are a fan of CNN yes they are fake news, especially when they purposely omit news because it doesn’t fit their hate Trump agenda. Border Patrol Police are for building the wall its practical to build to protect America what’s wrong with that unless you are an open borders globalist? Then you go on to stereotype and generalize people you don’t know and criticize people that you say do the same to you, definition of a hypocrite.

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You can clearly see the difference between the In case of accident my blood type is monster energy shirt and the right.. the left spew constant hate, discourse, divide and the right just goes about their daily routine lol....I thought they were the tolerant party hahah. Thank you Jane. Enjoy your day. Sherron Day actually as a part of the new NAFTA deal made with Mexico they do actually pay for the wall as deductions on the amount of aid we will be giving them . But these reductions will only come as the new NAFTA deal takes affect and will not show up until later in 2019 and 2020and next year . But we cannot wait that long we need money to build the wall NOW . Maybe you should stop watching CNN and learn the facts . Marc Matthews Who cares how he acts if he gets the job done. Sorry you have grown to an age where you feel the need to have a stick up your ass is the way to go. we were put on Earth to live and enjoy life, not age and become stick in the muds. If you don't think the rest of the political officials aren't making similar comments and remarks, you are fooling your self. Maybe get a sense of humor and not worry about the stupid things. Jane E Clark Thing about zombies: they don’t know they’re zombies. For example S. border has 1/8th the illegal crossings from 2005. But they don’t know/care...Faux/Trump keep showing pictures and foaming about invasion.

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2018 NFC south division champions New Orleans Saints shirt

Guess more people should have gotten out and voted at midterms for Republicans instead of democrats. More will happen starting January 3. Thanks to everyone who gave control of the house to them. They keep talking about the 8 year old boy and 7 year old girl. Yes, it’s a tragedy, but they were in their parents custody when they got sick. And how did they make the 3-4 month trip, without so much as a cold? Someone tell me how this happened, please. The parents are doing something to them, while in custody. He only sees toy soldiers to be used for his benefit, he is not a friend to the military don’t kid yourself. He was in country because of the bad press he received, that he had never visited troops in a war zone he was scheduled for a 14 day vacation at his golf resort that employs undocumented workers. Ian Perry ,you have never told the truth in your life and don't know a Damned thing about the 2018 NFC south division champions New Orleans Saints shirt or Pay increases. MSgt, Retired, Vietnam 69 to 74, Iran-Iraq War 80 to 82. Randy Allee, don't like em and never had any but not gonna hate on her for it. If she said it was ok to push dressing up 10 year olds in glam rock costumes than yeah I would hate on her. Rhonda Randall Coleman I’ll bet you and every dumbass trumpanzee on here whined like a little bitch that Michelle wearing a sleevless dress was classless but since the orange sack of Shit has an R after his name you fucksticks make up any justification for her being a lesbian porn model.

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All in all he’s just another prick with no wall Trump shirt

Tyrone Clayton No the caravan is coming for free food stamps Medicare welfare free housing and a free cell phone. Hans Loos Back in the All in all he’s just another prick with no wall Trump shirt days EVERYBODY had to work to take care of themselves. They didn't sneak across the border and expect everybody else to take care of them. David Higgins No, you are right. People are not dogs. These people however are worse than dogs. They can think thing through and still make the decision to illegal enter this country. 50 % of European Refugees are illiterate. They can not read of write. Europe has a real problem. Now what is the litercery rate of illegals ? How much effort must be put into education for the illiterate adults. Most importantly will they given up and seek the easy way out, crime ? We have many US High School drop outs here, who give up and go the crime route. We see the daily inner city drug shootings. They are mostly illiterate young adults. So we have our own burdens and we take on more burdens. Hans Loos you mean the old days when there were limits on who and how many could enter? or when they would abide by the law? One Liberal Judge says you can’t keep them in detention and another Liberal Judge says you can’t deport them. Wonderful! Democrats are perfectly happy with this arrangement as their voter base keeps rising daily. So, the idea is to keep aliens out. But the policy is to just drop them off in the middle of nowhere with nothing? WTF? You didn’t want them here because they’re so dangerous, yet you just let them go free and they have NOTHING. Sounds like the perfect make a criminal by force to me.

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Ain't no wonder they come here,freebies,and yet Americans can't get the January it’s my birthday month I’m now accepting birthday dinners lunches and gifts Mickey Mouse shirt cause we can't afford them, very messed up situation. Janet Caudill Benefield But then you called them criminals? Hmm. And you are upset about universal healthcare? We could all get that if you stopped voting for imbeciles. Janet Caudill Benefield They need to put land mines where the end of the fence reaches the ocean. That will stop anyone stupid enough to try and sneak into our country through that point.  I don’t think you guys really comprehend how this works. People will always find a way in no matter what. A wall is expensive for no reason. Why don’t we invest into technology that scans people’s prints or DNA and if it matches to someone in the jail system they can’t get in? Way cheaper than a wall. First you guys want a wall that’s tall. Now you want a wall that’s deep and tall. That goes to show that a wall won’t work. It was a catchy phrase during the election. Maria Paz Jose Do you know what I've spent on non-covered dental int he last 5 years? Implants? Maybe I'll take a ride down there. If my neighbors dog gets through his fence and comes into my yard, I put it back over the fence from which it came. And, I try to do that before it shits in my yard. Kile Loftis I also have doors to my house that lock and expect police to catch someone trying to break in hopefully before they eat all of my food, take my medicine, find my money and have a kid then say it’s mine to support because it was born in my house and they don’t have a job because they are criminals.

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Not to mention that they are bogging up local shelters, causing homeless Americans to live on the streets. They said it in the Of the women don’t find you Handsome they should least find you Handy shirt, but sold it by saying, they were bussed to shelters that were already full. Now they have hundreds of people in line to get a spot in the shelters and will then get welfare. This should make every American angry. Time to take our country back by force from this NWO evil. Veterans and elderly and so many more Americans go without healthcare but these criminals get everything on a silver platter is WRONG. Problem is not enough people are aware of what’s really going on. Spread the truth and rise up and fight this EVIL now. I also believe everything that I read on the internet particularly because it starts with saying, I have worked with ICE as a R.N. so I will share how it works. I have master the copy and paste command and thus, it must be gospel.This free everything information is WELL known thru out South America! Obummer printed full page ads in newspapers under Valerie Jarrett's advice, when he was in 2nd term. See the Pelosi and Schumer connection? We the people are the dumb ones footing the bill. And yes, it was for the votes! As a taxpayer all hell should be raised for ANY illegal being released currently. Janet Caudill Benefield this post is full of lies and fear mongering at a level I’ve rarely seen. The people spoke in November. No wall will be built, investigations will begin and the Trump crime family will be exposed for what it is. BTW, what a bunch of self serving cowards.

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Evil Dead shirt

That's ok, Dems aren't giving you money for an outdated wall Mexico is paying for. Trump had 2 years of Republican House and Senate to get it done. Not happening now. President Trump is determined to protect the Evil Dead shirt people despite Pelosi and Schumer's efforts to put foreigners before before the American people., God Bless our President, say no to Socialism, No to the NWO and No to the heathen democrats. I voted for a "big beautiful wall" paid for by MEXICO! No This is NOT what I voted for. How any filled potholes and broken bridges would $5 Billion buy? How many AMERICANS would that employ? And now he wants us to pony up? Nah I'm good. You might be a CONMAN but I'm not your mark. Not gonna EXTORT me. You got me as a sucker once, never again.  is the result of Trump once again taking his marching orders from the right wing loony talking heads on TV. The Dems and GOP passed a Bill to her CR until Feb that Trump agreed to but because the right called him a coward he, like an immature child, blew up the deal instead of standing his ground. He is not a leader, as demonstrated in every thing he has done. He gives in like in the surrender and retreat from Syria. next you hear is all invaders are released, next you hear they want us out us USA and all you see is 3rd world country we have turned into , even city official web pages and social media pages write in spanish ONLY in some cases lol what a joke. Merry Christmas all, specially cortez alike people.

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The daughters of a Queens foot doctor say their late father diagnosed President Donald Trump with bone spurs to help him avoid the Zero Fox given sunset shirt War draft as a favor to his father Fred Trump, according to a new report. What about the parents? Out blame where it belongs. They want to come here because their country is so poor, so how did they feed these children or provide them with fresh water so they didn't become dehydrated? If the parents had stayed home instead of walking for days and in the heat and the rain maybe these kids would be sick when they get here. After reading all these comments, not sure any of us really know what we are commenting on. Could it be we only know what the media wants us to know? Is the Congress really representing their constituents? I would like truth & facts whether I agree or not. Way to go Mr. President. Don’t rollover for those liberal money makers. I support you and your agenda keep standing up for the America. All the moron right wing Trumpers believe Trump when he says the wall will solve all the drug, gang and immigration problems. This is not true. People walking across Mexico don't have tons of drugs. They are brought though cars, trains, planes and trucks. Trump is lying to his base once again. Also, isn't Mexico paying for the wall? Oh Trump lied? What a shock. if Trump didn't lie there would be no shut down. Wake up morons.

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although i seriously feel for these 2 children., i blame the Oo de lally golly what a day sunset shirt for forcing these kids to migrate. most of this migration was planned with the help of Soros and the dumbercrates. so if anyone wants to blame anyone. Blame them and these parents for putting these kids through this crap. Two good things happen, one CLEAN THAT HOUSE OUT, and we get our country back, at least some of it. Most likely the people that don't want the wall are making to much money with it not there, follow the money trail.  Ms Pelosi and Mr Schumer if you feel like these people should come into America, please go there and Sponsor a family before another child dies. I’m sure with The Holiday not over The Unnecessary government employees are worried about this Being Day 5. I survived the Regan Shut down, I think these people can too. It's like we forgot, Obama shut down the government for Obamacare, look what that did millions of #Americans. It helped some people, but hurt the majority. This wall only hurts those who seek to enter our country ILLEGALLY and undermine OUR laws. So Unchristian of me at this time of year but we are being forced to provide medical help, too, for all these people when our own people in California are living in tents through no fault of their own.

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Is My Horse ok ladies shirt

Jay Feeley, that was Ted Cruz that shut it down. Also republicans didn’t want to expand Medicaid since more people would be insured with pre existing conditions that is. With expansion of coverage it was needed however republicans think Medicaid is bad so here we are. Josh DuBose you are delusional. So the Is My Horse ok ladies shirt gave you leaders like George Wallace who's platform was pure hatred. Where was Dr King assassinated, not in the north. Josh DuBose so now we're going to shift to the racist narrative. I like the laughing emoji to you guys use when you can't debate against facts. Do any liberals have an original thought ever? Josh DuBose ok, I love this one. Its the senators fault when the government shuts down during Obama over legislation, but it the presidents during Trump over the same thing. You liberals are boring. You all have the same posts. Lacy Alford you didnt see the other people talk. wake up... mass migration all over the west.. who is doing it? why the hell do u think france is still rioting? merkel got the boot, teresa may lshoud of got the boot.. its all over mass migration!!! communist NWO cabal, rothchilds, they want to rule the wrld and we are in the way. Josh DuBose no he didn’t, I heard exactly what he said. Because morons like you lie and try to twist what he said, doesn’t mean you’re right. This one is an old one y’all bring up when you got nothing. I’m so sick of you idiots. People like you make Americans so sick of brain-dead lying liberals. When something bad comes like civil war god forbid it’s on the heads of ignorant people like you.

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I just want to drink wine love my fireman and take naps ladies shirt

Josh DuBose it was never total republican control. In 1975, the Senate revised its cloture rule so that three-fifths of sworn senators could limit debate, except for changing Senate rules which still requires a two-thirds majority of those present and voting to invoke cloture. The U.S. Senate has 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats including two independents. I pasted this information for you because you either don't know how our House and Senate works or simply missed that episode eighteen years ago on CNN. In order for any bill to pass the I just want to drink wine love my fireman and take naps ladies shirt party needs 9 democrats to vote against party lines,8 if the vice president casts a vote. Josh DuBose without the republican party the end of slavery may have never came to America. The first statewide convention that formed a platform and nominated candidates under the name Republican was held near Jackson, Michigan on July 6, 1854. It declared their new party opposed to the expansion of slavery into new territories and selected a statewide slate of candidates. Theresa Boyd it doesn't count when a Democrat does it. Didn't you know that? Had a woman tell me yesterday that it was completely different when Obama shut down the government to get the ACA than Trump doing it to get his wall. This is the intellect we are dealing with in the liberals.

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Get in Loser we’re doing butt stuff sunset shirt

Randy Cramm infrastructure is handled on a state level. How about you Democrats stop spending it on social programs and actually use it for infrastructure. Healthcare is guaranteed in this country. Go to any emergency room and you will be treated. And Trump has already started helping vets with 55 billion in the VA Mission act. Randy Cramm since Israel built there wall illegal bordor crossing are down 92 % , straight from the Get in Loser we’re doing butt stuff sunset shirt mouth Priminister Benjamin Netanyahu said bordor crossing are down 92 % , walls work. Keith Phipps Nola ARE YOU A FRICKING MORON? The koch brothers are not shit! This is all the rothchilds NWO george soros you fool. Look at the eu and uk and france. Look at brexit!! This same shit is happeining in europe by the same people trying to destroy these countries with mass migration because they figured out they can not beat us from the outside and have to doit from witrh in!! wake up you fool. Why do you think for 8 years and longer we let China become a power house? Because that is who the rothschilds and soros want to ru the world The koch brothers? lmfao. They are pussies... Soros destroys countries for fun!! WAKE UP SHEEP open borders, legalize drugs, mass migration, lower the sentences for rape and pedophies, corrupt the government on both sdes. They use the same plan everytime!! There is no right or left, its communist vs nationalist dont be stupid enough to say this is racist , has nothing to do with racism. Hillary suckederd obama in and they got bought out by soros then he bought the rest of the democratic party that is now socialist.

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Stitch Touch me and I will bite you shirt

I wish you could see how they system is playing you that's what happens when one side controls congress the other the Stitch Touch me and I will bite you shirt. Josh DuBose according to Senate Democrats. Did you miss the part about the precedent set during Reagan where essential personnel are exempt. And law enforcement and national security fall in that catagory. Make America great again if this is the way to greatness I would eat my own shit for a week haha and I would do it on fox news to Go read the bills they indroduced. Even during the Obama era. But u would rather just hate. So much hate from the far right. Start by asking do you think two world wars in 100 years is normal wars that for 100 years have been in exactly the same places while America or the u.k. has never been invaded. Jay Feeley if you believe one is there and you claim you built one maybe you can build in the other three states without pay like other agencies are right now. Harvey Harris How about some money for healthcare , the Vets, infrastructure. Need more of a effort on border security and not wasting money on a Stupid wall. Josh DuBose why don't you sponsor a few immigrants and take them to your house. The smart people prefer to take care of our VETS first and hungry Americans first.

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In case of accident my blood type is Dr Pepper shirt

Josh DuBose if every Republican voted for it still wouldn't pass because you need Democratic votes to pass. Yes Jay Feeley the would be less stupid in the In case of accident my blood type is Dr Pepper shirt without liberals. They can't even add saying they can't pass it when they have control of the house when anyone with a brain knows you need a super Majority to pass this bill. Josh DuBose I guess you missed the part where it said according to Senate Democrats. All employees have always recieved retro pay. Ray Nordland It's founded by the Koch brothers and you think it's left? Typical responds see often see from the right, anything that does not adhere to what they think must me leftist. It must be left so we can ignore and dismiss the source solely because it does not fit our narrative and not based on facts or what it says. Jay Feeley, that’s true but as long as Trump continues his shutdown they’re not getting paid until it’s over. If he wants to drag this out for months imagine how many agents will quit. Josh DuBose I got a great ideal they can all come in and stay at your house. When we got thousands of vets living on the streets and thousands of American kids living on the streets that can't even feed there selves . The common sense thing to do would be take care of the vets and all the Americans first. Look it up they say we loose 100 billion dollars a year from illegal immigration.. is 5 million more enough , 10 million more enough, 20 million more enough. Just more Americans will half to go without to support all the extra.

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Elephant Christmas led light shirt

A big lie! Fox News asked for the shut down and got it. There was a bill unanimously approved by Senate to be signed by the Elephant Christmas led light shirt but and Republicans induced by Fox News and rejected it. All blame on Republicans who do not have guts to stand up to Fox News. Alexis Noelle so Obama was weak . A shut down comes from these people that are drunk on power because they are the ones with the voting power. They are sabotaging the American people. Take this to the citizens of America . Let Americans vote on this issue once and for all. Just American citizens. Sean Mullen my guess is you wer not paying attention in school when they taught how government works. Work on your g.e.d. And keep the line moving at the mcdonalds drive thru while you are studying. Democrate will never trust a mentally unstable president, that s why it see like they don t want this war, because only those their mind does not work alright that can trust their mentally unstable president, You see there was no specified demand.To the shutdown they said not even a single hardline issue to soften the directive unspecified .Like when you think your mama is looking at you speaking a single word just merely looking at you should you go and find a mind reader.Because imagine we know there were wars around us to where are the wars coming from ? Shouldn we be told the Art of War Firsr before The Art of Deal? You wanna let me figure out the high roller injunction to what pleases not be plea stared as to best beau of what maybe attended .Do you want ot like that?If so happen liberty is bound to be reckless is that a problem where the problem are part of the who to blame.,? Pr should we be admit of all the world bad deeds because the influential.of America is more than i feel like Craig Fergusson at Letterman Alchemy.? An extended produce to know what is to be superflous people they are in any adrenalin rush they are into act prepared for what goes to be confident at civilitu they are to expect.Only to how you are manage to be expecred really because you wanna show you can be in the Army ? Whews! you people at your age and still like a baby dolphinchase by a frog.Tell what is the sense of category they are define to methody of engineering ?

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Pluto never forget 1930 2006 shirt

It’s Trumps shutdown. And republicans control both houses of congress and the White House. It’s now obvious Republicans are not capable of governing at the national level. Dee Crispy please tell my why a wall at our southern border and not the Pluto never forget 1930 2006 shirt one is going to keep us safer? why you think that the majority of people coming here illegally aren't flying in and over staying their visas? why you still think that undocumented people are out to get you? Dee Crispy if you like. They have bipartisan agreements on multiple fronts, including surveillance , increase security budgets and fixing existing roads and fences. This wall will do nothing other for trump to say he is winning. Ian Bloor Dee, you can't have a rational conversation with someone who is irrational. Libtards go through life with blinders on. They think they are right about Everything. You try to question why they think that way, they will attack you, your beliefs, call you a racist etc.  Ian Bloor Just remember this. The Wall Will be built. And, when you wake up tomorrow, President Trump will still be your President. And, he will remain your President for the next 6 years. So, stop whining and crying. Now, you go have a Wonderful Christmas.

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In case of accident my blood type is Pepsi shirt

Alicia Toups Blanda Border security yes, not a damn frickin steel slat wall. What is this? Nazi germany? No. Were you afraid for your life two years ago from Mexican workers? No. Trump has created a non existent hysteria and you are stupid enough to believe and fall for it. Get your head out of your arse and think for yourself. Paul Bsog, just in case you really exist, may I remind you that it was the dem party who had the cryin' party meltdown and did the In case of accident my blood type is Pepsi shirt to the sky revolt just because your queen wasn't elected ? I have yet to see anything like that come from the Republican party just sayin. Dan pshhh who hasn't heard of Donald Trump before 3 years ago? We all know the guy just didn't expect him to pop up as president 3 years ago you didn't give a about immigration policies or the borders of America the media literally told you to care about it now you're obsesed but just short of 3 years ago you never even mentioned anything about a wall. Probably just hated Obama at the time for being black in a position of power. That was your gripe then now it's this wall. When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt.

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Ew David sunset shirt

 Mickey Trahan Most of welfare benefit recipients live in red Republican states and US citizens who voted for Trump. Facts matter! Stop spreading lies and hate. Mickey Trahan very dangerous to our society TROLL FARM. They provide Trump fake online support and implant hate and bigotry. Lies. Lies. Lies. This is what they do to us. FBI this is exactly what you are investigating. God bless you all for professionalism since 1910. the truth is, we do want proper immigration. with "proper" facilities to do so. not kids in cages and a wall and tear gas families. NO , thats not proper. and the other truth, is fear mongering against brown skin people is the Ew David sunset shirt damn reason any of you want a wall. Anastasia Novikova-Smith says Putin's Russian immigrant. Your attitude is exactly why we need to screen immigrants. Shame they do not have a personality screening or you'd still be in Putin's daycare. Anyone remember when trump said...any president who allows a shutdown is a failure. Any president who allows a shutdown should be impeached. Remember if not there is plenty to remind you. Walter Sanchez Well dummy Walter you forget House & Senate IS the Congress. Btw, even when the Dems take over the house in January, they’ll be pretty much irrelevant with the senate keeping them on a VERY short leash. Mickey Trahan Why Trump and Putin don't hire smart people to provide Trump fake online support while implanting hate in our society, why they hired YOU?

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Bob’s Burgers I love you but you’re all terrible shirt

Melinda Smith yeah it totally made my skin crawl. What were those people thinking electing her? Proves her loyalty isn't to America but to Palestine. Lealand Bruce From what I read, a huge Muslim population moved into that district. My husband has said for years that the Muslims invading us will be the Bob’s Burgers I love you but you’re all terrible shirt of our country. Being Muslim isn’t just a religion it’s an ideology incompatible with ours.  Dane Strother Our President is legitimate and was duly elected. If you haven’t learned by now, the Russian collusion accusations are a hoax created by Democrats to undermine our President because Hillary lost. Nikki Myles Did you read the article you shared dated February 2018? Seven Republicans and three Democrats voted against it due to all the requirements in the bill in addition to just what the headline implies. Barbara Beth Miller yeah Mueller could be enjoying his last Christmas as free man since he is facing corruption charges of perjury & falsifying evidence. Good luck to you when Mueller is locked away with Hillary, Obama, & the rest of your criminal Democrats for the rest of their lives. Stacey Willard Stacey, you’re too rationale for this crowd. Remember you’re dealing with ignorami. Reasoning is not within their cerebral universe. I suggest their stop bitching on FB, grab their shovel and tool bag, and head South and build that wall. What say you?

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Charlie Brown be you the world will adjust shirt

Michael Nurmi says you. You just elected Muslim who wants to be sworn in on Quran & in front of her home nation flag, not United States flag. Give me break. Michael Nurmi You pack your shit and leave, This is my country and no one has the Charlie Brown be you the world will adjust shirt to tell me to leave and if you want to see a traitor take a look at Obama's picture. God bless American and God bless you. Jermaine Tims because the wall isn't finished yet. Once the wall is build Donald J. Trump will negotiate with Mexico for payment for the wall. Donald J. Trump didn't start with Million & become Billionaire by being dumb. Kyle Jaber Mitch & Ryan are very weak minded republicans. Ryan just the other day says he doesn't support the wall. Republicans & democrats need grow backbone & do what is best for all Americans & support President. Lealand Bruce Isn’t that disgusting that a Muslim Congresswoman plans to use the Quran to be sworn in? I saw the video of the chanting while she was adorned in the Palestinian flag after she won. Sickening. Dane Strother oh so you prefer Hillary, the Butcher of Benghazi becoming the Annihilator of America? Good to know that you want America to crash & burn & become another disease ravaged war torn cesspool of nation like Afghanistan & Syria.

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Thứ Sáu, 21 tháng 12, 2018

No tired like Nurse tired cat shirt

 Richard Hill you realize eventually the No tired like Nurse tired cat shirt will cave and pass a bill and over ride any veto Trump imposes. Patrick Mares well they will have to do it that way. It will just show how wobbly kneed they are. Some time along the road accountability it going to come into play and people are watching. I believe a long government shutdown would do the country some good. Not like these clowns operate within the constitution these days anyway. This celebrity apprentice potus show is comedy central gold. Trump knows it's not going to happen like last time. Just sign the bill and shut up with the theatrics. This is the first time in 40 years that the government has been closed three times in a year. Why do you not understand what that means? Mexico will pay for it, they will pay through tariffs etc. I am surprised at the lack of business sense so many of you have. Shannon Lopez so the manufacturers of these cars are going to accept, say for arguments sake an extra 15-25% tariffs to bring the vehicles across the border. Without raising the price of the vehicles so once they arrive stateside we end up paying more for them. And that’s how you propose Mexico is going to pay for the wall? Peter Worrell agree Peter we should stop slave trade with those countries period corporations use them as slave labor and then ship it back to America for top dollar.

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Deadpool and Grinch shirt

Charles Kernachan Obama didn’t serve in the military. He also didn’t act like a super patriotic military loving demagogue who literally wraps himself in the Deadpool and Grinch shirt and yet somehow could not even volunteer for non-combat service during wartime. The same fool who claims to know more than all his generals, mocked a Vietnam POW, disrespected a Gold star family, and could not visit an American military cemetery because it was raining. Your support for the ignorant hypocrite and criminal in the White House is truly pathetic. Obama did not serve because he was to bust scamming the US by lying about being a foreign exchange student to go to school for free. Oh wait he wasn't even a citizen thenn my bad. When was any sane person for a wall. Your logic is exactly backwards. The President is opposed on issues and demeanor. Anyone with these ideas, erratic policy behavior, enemy living, ally alienating behaviors would get same reaction from sane voters. Wall is despised on merit. No support for Obama wall, Clinton wall, Carter wall, Johnson wall, Kennedy wall, FDR wall. Americans not buying wall. It was a bad idea when the Mexucans were paying for it. Hell he should bump it up to 10 billion. If they don't put it in bump it up to 12. If they don't comply for America. Keep it shut down They obviously can't follow their oathes and don't care about American citizens.

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In case of accident my blood types is Tim Hortons shirt

 Greg Perry tell trump that. His entire campaign was false accusations of I told you so. He roared on obama's leftovers them when his policies started coming into fruition he blames fed, dems winning the In case of accident my blood types is Tim Hortons shirt, all kinds of bullshit. John Dadlow they will never sign on for the wall. Until we wake up one morning to some terrorist blowing up a building after slipping across the border. It's going take the loss of life to make them wake up. John Dadlow That is not accurate! He wanted to find common Ground to work with. I also recall him telling gorbachev to tear down that wall. Erin Perrigo .Wrong! A wall would help free up the agents that are having to work the wall to be able to track and monitor these others that are coming in on visas! Would also allow more agents to screen the people applying for these visas, and allow more time for the background checks. And Lindsey, Republicans hate Obama and Hillary so much that they preferred to vote for a liar, adulterer, non-serving Vietnam war avoider, bigot, tax cheat, money launderer, and traitor to our country. Please tell me about Obama's military service, I'll be happy to list his lies, and after suffering through two Clintons your moral indignity is an absolute joke. Charles Kernachan Obama wasn't drafted. There was no war, no draft. Unlike Trump who got out of it 5x due to bone spurs or rather, a rich dad who paid his way out. So your point?

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I closed my book to be here shirt

Sean Dudley Mexico would pay for the wall if all the I closed my book to be here shirt money seized would be used to pay for it El Chappo alone has had 14 billion seized by the US government. If the wall stops illegal immigrants from coming which cost the US tax payers 250 billion plus a year or put a tariff on all cars made in Mexico coming to the USA for sale that money could be used to pay for the wall and show GM that they should not close 5 US plants after the American taxpayers bailed them out. Heck if the 125 million people working in the United States put 10 dollars a month to build the wall there would be 16 billion dollars to build it. Right now countries around the world owe the US government 6.1 trillion dollars. The US has 21 trillion dollar national debt that is owed to the Federal Reserve which is a privately owned bank working with the United States. People say China owns part of our debt that’s a yes and no China owns treasury bills that are backed by the United States Treasury which is backed by the Federal Reserve Bank which as stated before is a privately owned bank that is profit the same as any other. China owns T-Bills The United States owns some of China’s equivalent to T bills about 1.3 trillion dollars worth. So there are lots of avenues available to pay for the wall. Kelli D Brown I appreciate your input...i find news in many places. I do know how some outlets are tilted one way or another sadly. Merry christmas to you and yours as well.

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Easily distracted by cows and dogs sunset shirt

All the time in the Easily distracted by cows and dogs sunset shirt to take off work to obtain a lawyer to write up a lawsuit and file yes there’s a filing fee yet don’t got 30 mins to go to your local dmv and get a pic ID? Lies lies lies. it is funny that ppl are demanding no voter id laws as the poor can not get it .. but they need a id to get a car, rent a home, get liqueur,get smokes and so on but to use the same id to make sure you are you to vote nope the poor can not get a id for that here is news for them ppl saying no id laws the id to get all the other stuff is known as a . DRIVERS LICENSE if some ppl lost that id they can get another state id that works just as well it is just you can not drive with this id.  How ever will Dems get their illegals votes? They also are trying to institutionalize fraud like they do in California. One big scheme to make sure they can undermine our country. But you blacks filling the lawsuit have the money and time to take off work to fight this? Why does the color of your skin make it harder for you to be responsible then let's say a white person? This man is a disgrace to the democratic process of Voting! Mr Cooper - we voted, we won, now show an ID As for the six who filed the lawsuit - they disgust me too - this is about being legal to vote in an election where so many illegals are voting. Wonder if you are legal yourself?

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Sometimes you just gotta say cluck it and walk away Hei Hei shirt

Given the Sometimes you just gotta say cluck it and walk away Hei Hei shirt that this is taking place in North Carolina maybe I suggest that the elected officials in the Tarheel State focus on the election fraud that was being perpetrated by the GOP in NC-9 instead of trying to suppress more voters. Crooks who promote voter suppression are essential for the deeply corrupt Trumpistani state to survive.- it's the Trump GOP update to Jim Crow. For a party that has the name Democrats,they sure are against keeping out country safe from outside meddling. Making sure someone is authorized to vote by showing ID is a good thing. That's one of the most racist things I see today is the democrats saying people of color don't have ID's. Sounds like the Democratic party still views minorities as 2nd rate citizens. How they get away with that is beyond me. Status Report: we have no Defense Secretary, no Attorney General, no Chief of Staff. The stock market is tanking. The government is shutting down. And Trump is a habitual liar and unindicted co-conspirator on multiple felonies committed to help him win an election that he just barely won.

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In a world full of Grinches be a Griswold shirt

If Lepke Soros and the In a world full of Grinches be a Griswold shirt can fund this lawsuit then why can’t they fund the cost of IDs for the people that can’t afford them? If they can fund to give voters a ride to the polls then why can’t they fund to give them a ride the DMV to get an ID? The soft bigotry of low expectations. The Voter ID law was on the ballot for a state constitutional amendment that we the people of NC voted in favor of. Slimy Gov. Cooper vetoed the will of the people. Thank God we have good Republicans in this state who fight back.  I am a resident of North Carolina. I voted for voter ID. Am I being told my vote and those who voted like me doesn’t count because it is not what our liberal governor likes? I have to have an ID for everything else. It is my belief it should be required to vote as well, but it really will get in the way of dead people voting. Just another sign of the freedoms the American People are losing. People voted for the ID, but the Democrat Governor said screw you. Welcome to socialism, looks like Carolina is going the way of California. Of course it’s what democrats do-they over rude the will of the people to push their communist agenda-it’s time-to riot and remove every democrat from office.

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Black girl living my best life shirt

The only people against this are Democrats that want illegals and dead people to vote and others to vote multiple times. They encourage it.  Unfortunately Corruption and stealing elections is why The ungodly want open borders. Things will get worse. The bible all ready gave us advanced warning. Look for the Black girl living my best life shirt up of his church soon. Don't be left behind. The voters who filed the lawsuit Wednesday said the restrictions will disproportionately and unduly burden the right to vote for African-American and American Indian residents. The suit claims the bill will add a financial cost to voting in the form of lost work hours and the need to find transportation to obtain an ID. what a farce. Same weak ass argument the snowflakes always use. They also know it makes it very hard to commit voter fraud so the only lame excuse they can come up with and even THEY do not believe it would suppress votes. Pleze. I don't believe for one second all kinds of people are working around with no official ID. What a joke. No governor, or other public REPRESENTATIVE, should ever be able to veto a vote of the people. That is entirely too much power. These self-proclaimed elitists need to remember that they are not our leaders, they are simply representatives, and should support our desires and not their own. They work for us.

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Kinda have Baby Fever kinda think I have too many kids already shirt

Those now arguing that the Kinda have Baby Fever kinda think I have too many kids already shirt Senate should be based on population demographics deliberately delete the truth that equal representation = rule of law and a counter to "mob rule." It is about ensuring that every voice counts and central to the American ethos of citizenship. When a columnist argues that the US Senate should be based on population instead of Constitutional basics of equal representation then we are headed to becoming a "warlord" nation ruled by mobs and the gun versus the ballot box of civilized Americans. To each his own with the biggest gun. Questions for the Liberals who are positing this idea for the 2020 Presidential campaign. What if that mentality applied to blacks? Meaning, what if mob rule = what the mob said for blacks versus rule of law and Constitutional rights? The Dred Scott case in American history was about how precedent can be set with using the backing of mob rule mentality so did that make it Constitutional? No, this land eventually fought our Civil War to make way for personhood of blacks and to affirm that they are Americans deserving of equal representation. Fast forward to 2018-what if all non-black Americans wanted to put blacks in a 2nd-class citizen category? What then? It would be immoral but more importantly for the USA it would be un-Constitutional because it would run counter to the definition of citizenship and subsequent rights that follow.

Only Judy can judge me sunset shirt

David Bernstein the Only Judy can judge me sunset shirt system is supposed to serve justice, not go looking for a crime, any crime, to justify their status, there has not been a crime committed to which a special counsel was appointed, it was a faux dossier that was presented to a fisa judge, about a possible collusion between Trump campaign and Russia, which is not a crime, and still there has been no sniff of a crime from this dossier, which HC paid this is a crime a British spy to produce! The associates have been trolled by Mueller on matters unrelated to Trump hence the witch hunt debacle. The new AG will do a wonderful job in throwing out the fake witch hunt against Trump. Stop this madness and help America become strong. GEORGE SOROS and his team of globalists in America will be crushed.Every American should be worried more and more and asking why has a bedrock tenet of the American Experiment come under assault. I am not referencing the anti-gun argument as that will never win it but in this article a successful national columnist argues on about overrepresentation. This new paradigm espoused by Liberals to attack the very foundation of the US Constitution and our American way goes to the dead-center bullseye of the foundation of the USA: equal representation. Here is why.

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Jack Skellington I speak fluent Sarcasm shirt

David Boggs it’s hard to find middle ground with a sleazy con man who lies like it’s going out of style. Plus, why work with a lame duck prez who’s looking at impeachment, possibly prison time. For the last 2 years, the Jack Skellington I speak fluent Sarcasm shirt has had complete control of all 3 branches of government. The only Democratic opposition is in your silly heads. Jeff Runyan The following is a letter from a real pastor and Trump supporter. Please read it carefully. Trump has been anointed by God to be our beloved let ader to save America from science, minorities and women. Trump is the most honest, intelligent and stable person in the world. Trump was unfaithful to his wives because he was acting under God’s command, but he has been always faithful to his mistresses something remarkable. I know that because I am like him . Sorry I have to stop writing because I am going to take my meds and feed my unicorn. I am writing from the Franklin Graham Psychotic Clinic. Have they caught people that committed crimes? Yes, and for those crimes these people need to be prosecuted. Has anyone been indicted on Russian Collusion? The reason it is being dubbed a witch hunt is that Mueller was given broad prosecution authority. It would be no different if you were investigated for murder and was put on trial for something completely irrelevant to the murder. It is a witch hunt in the sense that they are looking for any crime and trying to tie it back to the President. I don't care who is in office, this is abuse of power.

OCD obsessions crocheting disorder shirt

The problem facing American workers isn’t that other nations are taking our jobs or wages. It’s that American workers have been getting a shrinking portion of America’s share of a growing pie. A steadily larger portion has been going to corporate executives, Wall Street traders, and wealthy investors. Trump and the OCD obsessions crocheting disorder shirt interests don’t want this known. Spread the truth. Being utterly shameless, Trump does not mind looking foolish by spreading preposterous conspiracy theories. He must figure that he will hoodwink at least a few gullible souls," Max Boot writes. But, for the life of me, I cannot fathom why so many so-called conservatives are so eager to propagate far-fetched lies on his behalf that are inevitably dispelled almost as quickly as they are created. It doesn't matter who Trump picks the Democracts will oppose. This anti-Trump crap is strictly political. Nothing is getting done because of it. Glad elected officials are working on hating Trump instead of working together to keep America moving forward. I don't always agree with Trump, but you can't just oppose, find middle ground. The Democrats have no platform David so they bring nothing of substance to the table, they are a rudderless ship with no leadership except stand together and oppose.  David Boggs not here to argue you say as you post your conserveral opinion on a public place. Lol that's not how the internet works. You dont get to sprew out falsehoods and false equivalencies and be mad when someone has someone to say.

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Bulldog educate don’t discriminate sunset shirt

As he himself said..he was sent for the Bulldog educate don’t discriminate sunset shirt of Israel and the entire books and teachings that came after him were written to those that knew the law and the prophets...the house of Judah and the house of Israel. It was never intended for those unknowledgeable of the law of God and the prophets to understand. Thus why Rome didnt and made their own doctrines and traditions using the Word in error and have lead billions astray. Read the Word with the understanding that Yahshua was the way God promised for the house of Israel to return into covenant with Him after His divorcing them and therefore they could no longer just repent and turn in faithful obedience to Him per His law as the house of Judah and mankind aside from them could. Forget Rome's lies and see the Word for the truth of it and you can understand why those of the house of Judah was accepting Yahshua and what he was sent to do by the thousands in Acts and yet those of the house of Judah today have to reject the Roman "jesus" presented them. The error isnt in the Word being false or Yahshua not being anointed by God. The error is lies inherited by our fathers from the Roman church (Jeremiah 16 and their false representation of Yahshua and Paul and the Word as a whole. All bc they disdained the God of Israel and His they attempted to make Him into their own corrupting His Word and prostituting it out to pagan sun gods as "the Son of God". Again why Revelation calls them the harlot. Sadly so many of the church have been so intensely raised on these sun god doctrines and traditions that they dont even realize the lies they are clinging to and dont get in the Word and seek the God of Israel to allow Him to reveal the truth from their lies..bc they dont acknowledge that which they were raised on as the lies they are. Thankfully we are told as the messianic age approaches more and more will turn back and seek the truth acknowledging the lies we inherited from our fathers. (Jeremiah 16). My point tho not write off Yahshua as being anointed by God for a specific purpose and his being the high priest mediating between us and God now and him returning as the messianic king of Israel in the messianic age just bc Rome and "Christians" there after have taught of a false representation of him and who he was, why he was sent, and what he taught. Read the Word as one knowledgeable of the law and the prophet and remove all the sun god beliefs Rome interjected and falsely taught as truths and you will see the plan God has had all along to restore all Israel as His people and He shall be our God. In reality it is a beautiful love story. God bless and Shalom.

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Grinch I don’t have attitude I’ve got personality you can’t handle shirt

Melanie Curran bc your reading is based on what the Grinch I don’t have attitude I’ve got personality you can’t handle shirt church has taught you. I once was blind as you as well and defended the same lies you defend. Seek the truth of the Word apart from the pagan based lies of the church..which Revelation calls the harlot. The truth is much more beautiful and makes so much sense than that which has lead billions to the wide path that leads to destruction..that the wolves in sheeps clothing teach. Do you know why Yahshua was sent and why he had to die and rise again? Brandon Derrick WELL when the second coming is about to happen the earth will change with all the earth quakes oh wait that already happened and other places are getting storms they usually don't get,,,oh yea that is why Oklahoma didn't have tornadoes this year they went to other places, hum,,, I think Brandon you best get on your knees and pray to god about his Son Jesus Christ the Ruler of this Earth, when he chooses the time to return LISTEN FOR LOUD TRUMPET that you can't drowned out with your music, the destroying angles will be sent to destroy those who are wicked and hateful, and give those who are non believers a chance to change their mind IF they want to be saved. We are in the Latter Days of this Earth and those left behind after THE GOOD people have been taken from this earth then this earth will be set fire.Tiffany Heller Yahshua was sent with a very specific purpose. Which is actually what the new testament writings teach about...and the pagan based church has misrepresented to the world causing the house of Judah to reject the truth of it all. For their teachings are false but the Word is true. That is why those that cling to church doctrine cannot defend the truth of the Word.

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Buffalo Bills Josh Allen Jim Kelly shirt

Brandon Derrick what you believe has no bearing on reality. Fire burns whether you believe it or not..Contrary to what you may have been told, Jesus is real whether you believe it or not. And He is coming again soon. Please, do not harden your heart, open up to Him and accept Him before it's too late. He cares for you. We are in last days of God's grace, soon that door will close,
Soon a trumpet will blow at crack of dawn, Jesus will draw his church, the dead in Christ will rise first, then those that walk with the Buffalo Bills Josh Allen Jim Kelly shirt will follow in the sky. For one will stay other taking up in the sky to be with Christ. After that those left will be in tribulation, then the only way the only path to heaven is to die for Christ. I pray all come out of the harlot church and seek the real truth of the Word. It is sad to see so many people lead astray with the error of lawless people. Stop following false doctrines and that which the bible blatantly calls lies and repent and turn back to the truth of His Word alone. The rapture is not biblical and is the opposite of what God says thru His Word. You are going to be questioning God and all you know when your faith is being tested and you are left behind. Learn the truth so to truly know the God of Israel and His Word and not to be caught off guard in the end. You do not want to be among those the Word for yourself. We are no longer in the dark ages where the church could pull the wool over people's eyes due to their incapability of reading the Word for themselves. We have the truth..we just need to seek it. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

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Save a pitbull euthanize a dog fighter retro sunset shirt

Melanie Curran You all really believe that? Jesus was a savior as teaching man what he truly and really is. That is a God. Thats the Save a pitbull euthanize a dog fighter retro sunset shirt for his teachings. How peter was able to walk on water. Jesus was showing you all that you were a God/Goddess too. Y’all thinking there’s this return. The only return is in the individual becoming aware of the power that is within. Christ Consciousness. Melanie Curran I was hesitant to comment as I agree that the bible is true and that the Messiah is soon coming. However, then I saw you say "you are left behind". Then I realized that you dont truly find the bible to be true but rather pagan based church doctrine to be true. For the bible says nothing of a rapture but rather teaches when the day of gathering takes is the wicked that are gathered and destroyed and the righteous are left behind...just as the days of Lot and Noah..the righteous are always the ones left. The problem is very few listen to Yahshua's actual words and then cling to pagan based doctrines of Rome and thus read one is left standing in a field and one is not..and as the adversary always does..mixes up those words to believe that the righteous is the one taken and the wicked is left behind. Tho again, Yahshua says it will be the opposite. So please get in the Word and seek the truth of it rather than blindly follow the church and its doctrines and traditions..and follow the wolf in sheeps clothing to slaughter. Be among those of Jeremiah 16..that realize we inherited lies from our fathers and return to find the truth. God bless.

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Grinch I’m not short I’m just more down to earth than most people shirt

breaking news,the trumps used their charity as a slush fund for themselves and NY judge just barred them from ever being involved in running charities.I hope they prosecute since some of the money was used for the Grinch I’m not short I’m just more down to earth than most people shirt. there is away to save money... and get t for the wall all in one shot.. first of all they have to start paying for there own health care second of all they have to use obama care third of all they must take a pay cut no way in hell should they make more then the American solider no way in hell now i have gotten you this far Mr President and i think i just saved a trillion dollars... or at least close to it so make it happen. Remember pharaoh, Yah our Heavenly Father harden his heart, Yah is hardening the anti-Christ liberals to show them His power through judgement. Watch and Pray. Yah ways are not our ways, interesting how He works to make His point. Tommy VanNess dude if you cant figure how to lock a door and go out and lock the other from out side you should not be allowed on facebook. Nicholas Van you have never been to vegas , the porters bring racks of luggage up to rooms there is no plot , no collusion nothing , just a nut.  Stephan paddock was nothing more than a Patsy. Several eye witness reported multiple shooter on the ground. And when one woman stated that on live news they cut the feed.

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Thứ Hai, 17 tháng 12, 2018

Grinch I used to smile and then I worked at McDonald’s shirt

Nicole Ritchie Not if you’re in front of it I watched a documentary on trains if it’s coming up from behind you that fast you’ll never even hear it. Brittany Livingston I'm going to assume you're asking a legitimate because you don't understand and you're not just another ass hole. Trains can and do move very fast if you're in the Grinch I used to smile and then I worked at McDonald’s shirt of the moment in a foot pursuit with your back to the train it actually can hit you before you can hear it. In short it's different than when you're just standing on the train platform like a regular PASSANGER. Adrenaline is a very strong body chemical. The officers, after getting a call of shots fired and on scene definitely had adrenaline pumping. In addition to that, at night many places have a no horn policy....see that adrenaline blocks out many surrounding info for our focus on the local, it could be by chance that by the officers noticed a train was close it was too late. I think this is a reasonable question to ask. Why are there so many people being mean to you about it? The first thing that popped into my mind as I read the headline was how the heck did they manage that? I like the response about being close enough to get sucked into it. That makes a lot of sense. Wouldn't basic first responder training reach officers to run along side a live track and not on one. No there is more to this story. No doubt about it. And why is this not a story of one cop being struck while pushing his partner to safety... Very sketchy. Rip to them either way but can't trust the news sadly.

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Dear Santa I like Dollars I like Diamonds I like Stunting I like Singing Okurrr shirt

It could have been like in the Dear Santa I like Dollars I like Diamonds I like Stunting I like Singing Okurrr shirt where the car just got stuck between the tracks and as the train approached its like a deer in headlights situation where they froze up. Brandon Leuck : It's sad, accidents happen, but this tunnel vision business is not right. Officer survival is paramount, and that means being conscious of your surroundings at all times. Brittany Livingston they toot when they approach any crossing, and when entering station , was this police chase at crossing or in near station ? some areas have multiple tracks and at night hard to see or know what tracks trains are on i can see accidents happening while trying to take cover as not to be shot. Brittany Livingston several people on this thread have tried to give you some education answers. But you’re not looking for that your just being judgmental. Stay comfortable sweetie, this way you’ll never have to “understand” how something like this could happen. And in spite of your mentality  May they Rest In Peace. At night its very difficult to see where the train is coming from. Yo may hear it and even see the light but it's near impossible to see what track it's actually on if they're are multiple tracks.

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WTF where’s the fire shirt

James Comey to reporters: At some point someone has to stand up and in the face of fear of Fox News, fear of their base, fear of mean tweets, stand up for the values of this country and not slink away into retirement, but stand up and speak the WTF where’s the fire shirt. Thomas Bridges Lul I am an adult. On a serious note are you really defending that racist women rn?!? And then wonder why minorities don't like the Republican Party. Horrible so much hate some people are just evil. Prayers for the families for this tremendous loss of a loved one, sadness for our officers. May they RIP in Gods arms. Brittany Livingston you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. When you respond to a shots fired call and get in a foot pursuit you’re going to get tunnel vision and focus on one thing. It’s human nature. Tunnel vision you get just like when you’re stuffing bonbons in your mouth. Except 100x more intense. Brittany Livingston you don’t have to be on the tracks to get hit. Being along the side when a train comes through is enough to get pulled in and killed. It’s happened before. There was an officer working an investigation along some tracks, thought he was safe on the side but got killed when the train went by. Also depending on the train type it may not be heard until it’s right there. Sounds unbelievable but it happens.

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