Thứ Sáu, 21 tháng 12, 2018

Black girl living my best life shirt

The only people against this are Democrats that want illegals and dead people to vote and others to vote multiple times. They encourage it.  Unfortunately Corruption and stealing elections is why The ungodly want open borders. Things will get worse. The bible all ready gave us advanced warning. Look for the Black girl living my best life shirt up of his church soon. Don't be left behind. The voters who filed the lawsuit Wednesday said the restrictions will disproportionately and unduly burden the right to vote for African-American and American Indian residents. The suit claims the bill will add a financial cost to voting in the form of lost work hours and the need to find transportation to obtain an ID. what a farce. Same weak ass argument the snowflakes always use. They also know it makes it very hard to commit voter fraud so the only lame excuse they can come up with and even THEY do not believe it would suppress votes. Pleze. I don't believe for one second all kinds of people are working around with no official ID. What a joke. No governor, or other public REPRESENTATIVE, should ever be able to veto a vote of the people. That is entirely too much power. These self-proclaimed elitists need to remember that they are not our leaders, they are simply representatives, and should support our desires and not their own. They work for us.

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