Thứ Tư, 12 tháng 12, 2018

Dark humor is like food not everyone gets it shirt

This happens every time bad news is reported. The Dark humor is like food not everyone gets it shirt bots want legitimate comments to be buried under a mountain a Shep hate. Tony Moline Have you had your. Russia hallucination for long? Only truly simple-minded people don't recognize that the only collusion was by HilLIARy Rotten-Clinton and her campaign. Tony Moline Through Uranium One Deal, $145 Million Flowed to the Clinton. Not much, only $31 million from Giustra to the Clinton foundation. It gets even better Giustra wasn't the only soon-to-be billionaire mining magnate to channel millions to the Clinton Foundation after the series of controversial uranium-mining deals. Kelly Maeshiro you are nothing more than an uneducated leftist moron tide pod eating anti-American pervert, a clueless lunatic brainwashed by socialists. You are a LOSER and will ALWAYS be a LOSER.  Tony Moline Mueller indictment shows Russians organized anti-Trump rallies. The 13 Russians [VIDEO] and three Russian entities held rallies to support president-elect Trump while simultaneously holding anti-Trump rallies to protest his campaign. NBC also reports, Russians paid people attending pro-Trump rallies to fulfill "tasks," including building a make-shift jail cell with someone dressed as Presidential candidate.

Buy it: Dark humor is like food not everyone gets it shirt

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