Thứ Bảy, 22 tháng 12, 2018

Bob’s Burgers I love you but you’re all terrible shirt

Melinda Smith yeah it totally made my skin crawl. What were those people thinking electing her? Proves her loyalty isn't to America but to Palestine. Lealand Bruce From what I read, a huge Muslim population moved into that district. My husband has said for years that the Muslims invading us will be the Bob’s Burgers I love you but you’re all terrible shirt of our country. Being Muslim isn’t just a religion it’s an ideology incompatible with ours.  Dane Strother Our President is legitimate and was duly elected. If you haven’t learned by now, the Russian collusion accusations are a hoax created by Democrats to undermine our President because Hillary lost. Nikki Myles Did you read the article you shared dated February 2018? Seven Republicans and three Democrats voted against it due to all the requirements in the bill in addition to just what the headline implies. Barbara Beth Miller yeah Mueller could be enjoying his last Christmas as free man since he is facing corruption charges of perjury & falsifying evidence. Good luck to you when Mueller is locked away with Hillary, Obama, & the rest of your criminal Democrats for the rest of their lives. Stacey Willard Stacey, you’re too rationale for this crowd. Remember you’re dealing with ignorami. Reasoning is not within their cerebral universe. I suggest their stop bitching on FB, grab their shovel and tool bag, and head South and build that wall. What say you?

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