Chủ Nhật, 9 tháng 12, 2018

Eeyore and Grinch shirt

Milly MacDonald and the Eeyore and Grinch shirt to replace the carbon tax is to raise the higher rate Milly you unfortunately your knowledge of international affairs is as limited as my knowledge of flying aircraft i suggest we stay away from both our limitations. Tom O Regan Wrong Mr Tom O'Regan! Mr. Macron is of the socialist area! He won the elections on socialist votes, comunist votes and far left votes. Some 30% votes of the centre political spectrum voted Macron as well. Mme Marine Le Pen got the votes of the rest of the centre, right and far right. Although he rules like an €uropeist he should never forget that he is french first! He forgot now he will have to pay the price! Next saturday he is going to face another huge demonstration of the disrespect that he showed to the french middle classes. After all they gave him the Power Chair, not the Power Throne.

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