Thứ Sáu, 21 tháng 12, 2018

In case of accident my blood types is Tim Hortons shirt

 Greg Perry tell trump that. His entire campaign was false accusations of I told you so. He roared on obama's leftovers them when his policies started coming into fruition he blames fed, dems winning the In case of accident my blood types is Tim Hortons shirt, all kinds of bullshit. John Dadlow they will never sign on for the wall. Until we wake up one morning to some terrorist blowing up a building after slipping across the border. It's going take the loss of life to make them wake up. John Dadlow That is not accurate! He wanted to find common Ground to work with. I also recall him telling gorbachev to tear down that wall. Erin Perrigo .Wrong! A wall would help free up the agents that are having to work the wall to be able to track and monitor these others that are coming in on visas! Would also allow more agents to screen the people applying for these visas, and allow more time for the background checks. And Lindsey, Republicans hate Obama and Hillary so much that they preferred to vote for a liar, adulterer, non-serving Vietnam war avoider, bigot, tax cheat, money launderer, and traitor to our country. Please tell me about Obama's military service, I'll be happy to list his lies, and after suffering through two Clintons your moral indignity is an absolute joke. Charles Kernachan Obama wasn't drafted. There was no war, no draft. Unlike Trump who got out of it 5x due to bone spurs or rather, a rich dad who paid his way out. So your point?

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