Thứ Ba, 11 tháng 12, 2018

Dragon Ball Christmas tree shirt

Sherri Nichols My point is let us see him make Mexico pay for the wall. He should not be treathening to shut down the Dragon Ball Christmas tree shirt government. Let him shut down the Mexican govt. Sherri Nichols The Berlin Wall took more than ten years to build. 10 years for a city wall. Face it, you'll never see a border wall like Trump has promised. Not in his presidency, and the next president will gut the whole idea. He's the ONLY presidential candidate who has fulfilled ALL his campaign promises so far! This one very last one is not over yet; no one else has ever come even close to this total fulfillment! Well done, Mr. President! They need to put a federal fee on every money order bought to send money to Mexico that goes into a fund for the wall that way illegals pay for the wall by reimbursing us. And it doesn’t matter what you think or for that it doesn’t matter what Trump thinks and it doesn’t matter what the lunatic right thinks because he will be lucky to get a nickel for the next two years.

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