Thứ Hai, 10 tháng 12, 2018

And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul shirt

Jodi Bates No other President cared to give them back their own money, no other President came up with ISIS-loving rules of engagement to protect his fellow muslims, no other President had an iranian personal secretary and a muslim brotherhood cabinet and half-brother... Just saying. Oscar Sandoval why? Because people breaking the And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul shirt to sneak into a country they hate to live among people they hate so they can take over a country because the illegals can’t build their own country? Weak minded soft illegals. Jennifer Elsrod Crawford It's true that the trump rocker is resounding, but his bad teammates are out to stop him play to sell a goal of country,but lucky for prisident trump when the trump he has good teammates,still love american country ,still play well.  Skip Rowland as a matter of FACT share your cited information that backs up your claim.... that’s how it works Skippy you say you have facts, then prove it otherwise, you’re just a liberal lemming spouting out crap you know nothing of.. which is typical.  Skippy...what you SHOULD be citing are the 14 FBI and DOJ officials that have been fired, resigned, reassigned or referred for criminal prosecution....NOT the six Trump “associates” who were railroaded and charged with flimsy perjury and procedural charges from financial crimes of 10 years past. What you leftists are INCAPABLE of comprehending this is where having a brain comes in handy is that NONE of their charges have ANYTHING to do with Trump. Lemming.

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