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Irish woman the soul of a witch Tinkerbell shirt

Probably because it isn't zoned for businesses. If you live in a residential area, then building an 8,000 square foot garage may not be a good idea. It will increase traffic in the area that may not be good. Sorry, but I'm with the Irish woman the soul of a witch Tinkerbell shirt on this one. This guy is just being a dick. If he doesn't want to drive 25 miles every day, then move closer to where you work. There are a lot of people that drive further that that to work. My wife used to work in another state for her job. It's the People's Republic of Vermont. Morons voting for government regulating socialists all upset when those regulations affect them. As if they believe they can vote for socialists and it will only affect other people. Lori Hallenbeck And you know it is the Left that want to keep scumbags like this alive as long as possible,. and give them every defense possible,.When that poor woman had NO defense,.It's absolutely putrid the way they want to ruin our country. Paul Grady, so if you are representing the right, you want to bring back lynch mobs and executions as a source of entertainment.

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