Thứ Tư, 19 tháng 12, 2018

Save a pitbull euthanize a dog fighter retro sunset shirt

Melanie Curran You all really believe that? Jesus was a savior as teaching man what he truly and really is. That is a God. Thats the Save a pitbull euthanize a dog fighter retro sunset shirt for his teachings. How peter was able to walk on water. Jesus was showing you all that you were a God/Goddess too. Y’all thinking there’s this return. The only return is in the individual becoming aware of the power that is within. Christ Consciousness. Melanie Curran I was hesitant to comment as I agree that the bible is true and that the Messiah is soon coming. However, then I saw you say "you are left behind". Then I realized that you dont truly find the bible to be true but rather pagan based church doctrine to be true. For the bible says nothing of a rapture but rather teaches when the day of gathering takes is the wicked that are gathered and destroyed and the righteous are left behind...just as the days of Lot and Noah..the righteous are always the ones left. The problem is very few listen to Yahshua's actual words and then cling to pagan based doctrines of Rome and thus read one is left standing in a field and one is not..and as the adversary always does..mixes up those words to believe that the righteous is the one taken and the wicked is left behind. Tho again, Yahshua says it will be the opposite. So please get in the Word and seek the truth of it rather than blindly follow the church and its doctrines and traditions..and follow the wolf in sheeps clothing to slaughter. Be among those of Jeremiah 16..that realize we inherited lies from our fathers and return to find the truth. God bless.

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