Thứ Năm, 3 tháng 1, 2019

Toothless and Stitch stay different stay weird shirt

Greg Arnst, you are wrong. If you polled those who voted for Trump, they would tell you that they voted for the Toothless and Stitch stay different stay weird shirt and could care less how it is paid for. Maybe we could use a few billion of the billions we spend on illegals on the numerous benefits they receive and are paid for by all taxpayers not just those who do not want the wall. Or maybe we could take some of the money given to Planned Parenthood to cover the cost. It isn’t the cost that anyone is in an uproar over because we all know that politicians always find a way to get money for their favorite projects. This is strictly an anti-Trump tactic! Get over it. The Republicabs gekd a veto proof majority in all joyse icluding the suprwme vourt tjis time, quit blaming the democrats. There this thing called the nuclear option, McConnell refused to use it just recently, why because he couldn't garne enough Republican votes to use it. No thinks a concrete wall is needed. Mick Jim Edmiston, the ACA was a cluster! An overall mess - premiums increasing and extremely high deductibles. Limited choices for many. Tell me something, what good is medical coverage if one must pay deductible which is an out of pocket expense that must be paid before the plan pays anything.

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