Thứ Ba, 1 tháng 1, 2019

Swedish Chef vert der ferk sunset shirt

Then those of you bringing up that a lot of the illegals here overstay their visas and no wall can stop that. Well that is correct the Swedish Chef vert der ferk sunset shirt cannot stop that. That situation requires a different solution. The wall isn't meant to fix that particular issue. However just because a wall cannot fix that issue doesn't mean we do not need one to fix the issue at the southern border. Walls where they can be built, Drones and other technology along with extra human presence where the walls cannot be put up. They start working on that then maybe someone will have time to focus on figuring out how we can get a grip on the overstayed visas which is a much tougher problem to solve. Of course the whole thing would probably be easier if we didn't have cities or even whole states obstructing justice and providing sanctuary to known illegals who are criminals. Seriously putting the wall up is really comparative to you locking your doors and windows and you laughing at it and trying to make fun of people saying that doesn't change the truth of it. There have already been millions of people hurt because that door isn't locked. So many of you are just too busy hating Trump and anyone who supports anything he does to admit to the truth. Ed Farley You honestly believe the Democrat’s would spend Money on Homeless & Education & Veteran’s this is 2019 now & in all these year’s they have been Funded Money to do this & where did the Money go ? Not on any of this at all. President Trump is the only one that has helped the Vet’s. We need the Wall & Screening to know who is coming into the USA. We honestly would be in bad shape if every City & State looked like California & these Sanctuary Places & the Democrat’s are out to do just that & by the end of 2019 these Sanctuary Cities will be begging for a Wall these Invasion’s are going to keep coming non stop. So Build the Wall now & stop this. You had better do your research & look at France & Poland & other Countries that felt sorry for all these Illegal’s. When you’re Government start’s putting other Countries Citizen’s before their own it will not be a very good ending.

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