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Cowboysman Aquaman Shirt

Chris hospitals have payment plan threw the hospital starting at $50 a month. She was just turning 23 and that's when her insurance threw her father's job cuts children off. Her husband COULD NOT sign her up for 7 months as most jobs only allow you to adjust your plan.  Emily Conroy so there we are right to the Cowboysman Aquaman Shirt against the president. My goodness such dislike for one man and yet he's still president. Well some deal with leaders better than others. I supported Clinton till he lied and later when he and Hillary stole from our house I was concerned who does that? I was kind of fond of Nixon till he had guys break into the hotel and lied, but he did open the door to China in a major way and he ended Vietnam so I guess in the end it evens out. I was and still am concerned we have troops in places Obama said he'd end but again I guess he too said things and made promises he never kept. I'm no fan of ramming Obamacare down the throats of folks who can't afford it. But that's ending we will see. Healthcare is up to the person not the country. I was no fan of LBJ either and quite frankly Vietnam was his downfall. Reagan was okay in some ways. The Bushes I was no fan of either one and still dislike the fact Bush the son placed troops in places we never needed to be. Fact is they all have their good and bad points. I left out Carter and Ford nothing worth mentioning except Carter gave so much away that was ours. Deal with who is in or not but life goes on. Michael Kreitman Yes, my state taxes are paying. However, when the federal government forces their citizens to put more money out if their pocket for others healthcare, they are crossing the line. Healthcare is not in the Constitution. And people are what they are health wise because of how they eat. Healthy eating takes care of a lot of health issues. And as far as the wall goes, I'm not at the border anymore than you probably are to see what these border patrol agents are going through. I'm thinking that a wall could elevate a majority of the issues this country faces.

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