Thứ Ba, 1 tháng 1, 2019

Dabbing Unicorn Five Finger Death Punch shirt

The Republicans control the White House, House of Representatives, and the Senate, and still can't get anything done. That speaks to the Dabbing Unicorn Five Finger Death Punch shirt of incompetence in the Republican leadership, especially the White House.Way to go, you are elected to speak for the people ..governors, Congress, house, senate, etc and the only one standing his ground is trump, do you really care about the USA? Why don’t you all take a trip to Russia or Canada without going through customs exactly you wouldn’t make it through your so busy fighting against each other, I mean are you all relatedMost of the people don’t want the wall. And President’s election company that was all based on the wall that was not meant to happen. He lied and those who supported him... well, I guess, not too smart. Now there is a change of plan. It’s Democrats fault, blame it all on Democrats. Tell Kennedy to stop trump bashing her 2019 prediction on trump is bullshit she not funny saying melania will leave trump. Her true colors are coming out she is becoming another Megan Kelley. Why do we need to throw $5B into some sort of govt spending bill? Mexico is paying for the wall. Trump told me this many, many times. So since Mexico is paying for it, we don't need to include our tax dollars money which is better spent elsewhere.

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