Thứ Ba, 1 tháng 1, 2019

Ned Flanders She wants The Diddly shirt

I just don't get the Ned Flanders She wants The Diddly shirt and liberals. I can't believe they can't see how we live. Look at the Federal Buildings, local agencies, military installations, gated communities and other complexes. They all have walls, fences and added security. If someone attempts to enter by other means than the controlled entrance, they are located and either prosecuted or shown off the property in question. It isn't to keep people in, it is to make sure people enter properly and have a valid reason for being there. Shouldn't a Nation do the same thing? There just is no way I can see a logical explanation to their objection. Continue this shutdown until that wall funding gets allocated. If it requires a further shutdown, then do it until they get the message. The Democrats are fully responsible for this shutdown and no one else.  Pelosi mentioned that the House would create a bill to end the shutdown. Actually, she cannot do this. The government agencies are not allowed to operate without a budget. The budget requires passage by both houses and it must be signed by the President. What she suggests is nothing more than posturing and hot air. Love you, President Trump! Just stop our wild mustang's from being shipped out of our country to slaughter!!!!! Otherwise, I'm behind you all the way! When I was born, the first thing I came to love besides my parents, was horses!! Read over and over my childhood, like so many other rural children, about both wild and domesticated horses, and the wild mustang's history......PLEASE PROTECT THEM! THE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE APPROVING OF THIS WOULD ASTOUND YOU! I know you've never been raised in the country....but 1/2 the country has...change your vision, put yourself in their shoes...not the big oilman, or the rich cattleman, but us Americans, who loves the wild mustang's with our total being. Our Great America....please save them....get in contact with the horse lovers in the great USA.

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