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Majestically awkward Unicorn vintage shirt

Okay, take GD and religion out of this. Would this still be a feel good story? I mean, if she came back to check on this lady instead of praying? I think it would. So what is the harm in this? Why do so many mock and feel a need to destroy something good? If an atheist came back to check on a person would you all turn it into a disgusting display? We all know the Majestically awkward Unicorn vintage shirt to these questions and yet some will continue to be social media bullies. Stop and be kind no matter what, regardless of faith or non faith. Beautiful story. Touching story but this should not be news worthy. Once a week I go beyond my route and bless unsuspecting girls with orgasm even though they struggle to get away, a little injury and the environment is a bit dank, I don't go around asking for accolades.  I do not have a religion. But If she wished to be apart of giving comfort to others in the way of praying with them, I have no problem everyone needs a Hug or a comforting moment when times are Tough and sad. I am glad to see this. I volunteer a lot, and I remember volunteering at an agency, and this lady was having a bad day. I gave her a hug which she was very grateful for, and I told her,"have a blessed day". My volunteer coordinator went off on me about saying have a blessed day.

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