Thứ Năm, 3 tháng 1, 2019

I turned myself into Deadpool Morty I’m Deadpool Rick shirt

Peggy McNerney Dems need illegal voters? LOL If going by only popular vote, Trump would not be in office. Dems are not so desparate for votes, but, Hon, you just keep spouting that hateful , decisive rhetoric until someone believes it. Peggy McNerney ohh you like to insult anybody that disagrees with you... even with all that education I can tell you're just a functional imbecile and orange witch fanatic. Because at that time a Democrat president was in office and they had the power Al a Republican president is in office and I don't have the I turned myself into Deadpool Morty I’m Deadpool Rick shirt illegals to vote Democrat so they can get back in power if a Democrat president ever gets back in office which I surely hope never happens but if they lie cheat steal and raise the dead and let it illegal to vote long enough they just might let their way back in and wonder if our light will no longer need the illegals over here to vote and that's when they will start talkin border security again. Susan Pospeck Ertl how do you think Dems got the popular vote? Illegals voting. Dems voting multiple times. It's been proven. Granted you wouldn't hear about it from your news source. Peggy McNerney Yeah, like the loophole that Trump uses to import staff for his resorts? Why not hire locals? Because it's cheaper for him. He is also a liar who now claims it's $270 billion that illegals cost the system annually. And Fox broadcasts that as a fact, though Trump made up the number. Finally, I do wonder which one of his pals would get the contract for building the wall? Like the contracts to house the thousands of separated children? Drain the swamp, don't add to it.

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