Thứ Bảy, 5 tháng 1, 2019

Passenger instructions press em’ here and hang on tight shirt

 I am just waiting for one of them to start foaming at the Passenger instructions press em’ here and hang on tight shirt and doing the commonly seen sidewalk rolling around next, speaking in some crazy language etc lmao. Possession from the Devil is obviously the reson for the crazy eyes. There once was a time when the majority of the people were in church on Sunday learning to protect our country from these peoole. Tell us how much bill sure I raped em so what clinton had to pay for the attempted rape of Paula Jones. Then the reported rape of 20 women in the White House. Then the estimated 100 he raped while attorney general and governor of Arkansas including a 12 year old black girl that had his baby. Oops truth bomb just exploded.  Dems aren’t even trying to negotiate. They adjourned on Thursday and went home! After just coming off vacation. 25% of the government is shut down and they go home. Right there shows they don’t give a shit about Americans. Trump said India only built a library in Afghanistan - India has contributed more than $3 billion in postwar reconstruction, including a 135-mile road, a dam providing irrigation to farmers and training programs for more than 3,500 Afghans in India. New Delhi has also provided 1.1 million tons of wheat to Afghanistan as well as a 400-bed children’s hospital. Officials said that small libraries have been built as part of community development projects, but were puzzled why Trump focused on a single library. Trump is a garbage production facility and so are his staff.

Buy it: Passenger instructions press em’ here and hang on tight shirt

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