Thứ Ba, 1 tháng 1, 2019

The It Crowd Douglas Reynholm father sunset shirt

You mean Romney that couldn’t win in his home state had to move to Utah to get elected because he screwed his home state up. It’s funny he talks down about Trump but couldn’t win the office. Maybe a little jealous? Their was a reason why you were not ellected as president clearly, the The It Crowd Douglas Reynholm father sunset shirt is disloyalty, its all about yourself. Doesn't matter what President Trump will do it will never approved or endorsed your support, that comes to the second reason that the USA can be relieved that you were not ellected, President Trump implement every campaign promise, since President Reagan every President after never implemented what they pledge, they came in average in wealth but depart rich, some even liad openly even involved in adultery in the oval office, some even fabricated security issues on Iraq started a war and in the process lost billions of $ killed many USA citizens and Iraqi civilians, but now you have the oddesity to state The President is not coming up to your mantel standards. I think its probably the ones that lobby you are failing to get results, because now its time for clean government. A President that can not be bought. Romney couldn’t lower himself to bring up Benghazi during the presidential debate against Obama. He is another RINO along with his running mate Paul Ryan. They are part of the deep state.

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